Kohler Created an Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker For Your Showerhead


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, listening to music during a shower is near the top of the list. While our mornings are often rushed, there’s nothing like listening to an energized playlist to start the day. Kohler recognizes our struggle and has created a remarkable showerhead that does more than spray water. The Moxie AI Speaker is Kohler’s combined speaker and showerhead combination we’ve been waiting for. Now, there’s no need to carrying in your portable speaker, only to struggle to hear the music from your counter.

The Moxie AI Speaker is designed for wet environments and perfect for when your hands are busy. Its incorporation of Amazon Alexa means all you need are voice commands to change songs or playlists. Though the Moxie AI speaker is advertised to be a 2 in 1 purchase, you are also able to buy the speaker individually for a current showerhead. Installation is also stated to be effortless, due to its magnetic docking design unless you opt to replace the entire showerhead. No need to pay a plumber for this small but necessary bathroom update.

Since the speaker is located directly above one’s head, you won’t strain to hear the lyrics to your songs. In all, the battery can last 6-7 hours of use and charges with a wireless charging dock. Even with the waterproof IPX67 rating, we’re still a little hesitant about how the speaker will last over time. Being at the water’s source, the last thing anyone needs is to get electrocuted.

Is the Price Worth it?

In terms of price, the Moxie AI speaker will cost you $99. If you want Alexa capabilities as well, the price jumps to $159. Lastly, the new showerhead will cost an additional $70 but is not required if you already have a showerhead of your own. Plus, unless you’re handy with home projects, a plumber may be pricey. All in all, this product falls into the list of gadgets we don’t necessarily need but really want anyway. For those interested, the AI speaker will be available to order sometime this year.