Krewella Debuts Breathtaking New Single ‘Greenlights’


American duo Krewella is ready to take over 2020. Made up by sisters Jahan and Yasmine, they released a new song last Friday and we’re happy to share that their sound is as top-notch as always. The song is titled ‘Greenlights’.

The release is paired with a campaign launched by the Orangetheory Fitness gym franchise. Krewella’s new track will be part of a series of nationwide TV spots, and after listening to this amazing track new lyrics, we can’t blame them for choosing such a strong, powerful song for the campaign.


‘Greenlights’ is Krewella’s first song of the year. The beginning of the track takes you into a strong, almost berserker vibe. After a heavy middle-eastern vibe, the song continues its journey, joined by strong drums and some of Krewella’s signature vocals. The lyrics impulse the listener to let go of fear. Then, an amazing, mesmerizing drop takes over everything. It’s nice to know Krewella can still hit us right in the feels with their music. As a duo who was part of the EDM golden era, Krewella has been here since the days they were a trio. Alive, Human and many other tracks put them in the spotlight.

One of EDM long-lasting duos, Krewella returns with their new track ‘Greenlights’ and it’s one you’ll have on repeat all day long.

To sum it up: Krewella is back, and they’re as strong as ever. We’re glad this duo has returned. Women’s presence in the scene is something we need more of. Countless producers continue to make their way onto the top every day. However, there are also people who have been on this for a long time. Krewella is the perfect example of this case. Long live Krewella, and hopefully, this is just the first of many new tracks this year.

Go listen to Krewella’s new song below!

Krewella – Greenlights