A Look Into Lane 8’s Latest AMA On Reddit


Daniel Goldstein continues to give fans a closer look into his life with an AMA on r / electronicmusic. Following the recent release of his album Brightest Lights, Lane 8 gives us deeper insight on the creative process of the LP. The AMA also offers a slew of both humorous and informal takeaways about his self-taught success, what’s behind his admired seasonal mixtape series, his passion for snacks, and more.

… us too, Daniel.

Goldstein highlights that his production focus is intended to be ‘normal people friendly’ rather than ‘DJ friendly’. His record label prides itself on making music for the people, not to gain DJ recognition.

Lane 8 is soon embarking on his Brightest Lights tour worldwide and will be continuing his event concept This Never Happened. If you’re unfamiliar with this idea, This Never Happened enforces a no camera rule.

In a recent statement, Goldstein emphasizes how this rule has helped cultivate an atmosphere of people organically connecting to the music and to each other. Trust us, it is an energy you do not want to miss out on.

Tickets and a full list of dates are available here.