Lily Allen Comes Clean About Illicit Drug Mixup At Glamour Awards


British singer and songwriter Lily Allen is coming clean about a mixup at an awards show she attended back in 2008. She revealed on being kicked out for being in a k hole after mistaking one drug for another.

Quite careless and not the best thing to highlight on social media, but here is what happened. A Twitter followed asked Allen why she was kicked out of the event and here is her response:

“Someone gave me a line of what I assumed to be cocaine at the Glamour awards once, but it turned out to be ketamine. I was thrown out (passed over some railings) of the Glamour awards for being in a k hole” – Lily Allen

If you decided to do some research on this, you will find that Miss Allen’s Twitter account has since been deleted. This is due in part for some racism allegations against Boris Johnson’s general election win.

Now, what you will find are pictures of Lily being carried out of the event by bouncers. She dawns her pink hair and stained dress, while hanging her head down low. See the photo below with her clutching her award for Editor Special Prize. News outlets claimed she just simply “had too much champagne” (at the time).

Fast forward to 2020 and we cannot confirm nor deny whether she did, in fact, take any drugs. Though pictures are worth a thousand words and Allen is confident something happened. I don’t think she meant to have such a candid announcement, but by the looks of things, sources say she flopped into a cab.

K holes are not fun. You lose awareness of your senses and control of your body. We do not wish this upon anyone and for those daring few, please know your limits.