OWSLA Teases 2019 Skrillex Yearbook Packed with Unreleased Content


The holiday season is quickly wrapping up and a brand new decade has begun. With a vast array of possibilities floating through the air, we can’t help but feel like there was something missing in 2019. Most of us couldn’t put our finger on it, but OWSLA impressively solved the mystery at hand. From 2017-2018, Skrillex went on a minor hiatus, leaving fans craving more content from the legend himself. Recently, the American record label and creative collective came through to give us an exclusive look into the ‘Bangarang‘ artist’s world this past year.

Despite Skrillex’s brief break, the American producer made a full comeback by dropping numerous chart-climbers, including ‘Midnight Hour‘ and ‘Malokera‘ last year. In addition, he was more present on official lineups in 2019. However, as a true die-hard Skrillex fan, we all craved more from the talented artist. OWSLA was founded by Skrillex. That said, it’s only suitable that the record label would give its followers a glimpse into the life of the superstar. As a result, a special 2019 Skrillex Yearbook is dropping soon.

OWSLA’s 2019 Skrillex Yearbook will include a “collection of 2019 live show photos, behind the scenes and unreleased content.” To pre-order your own copy, follow this link. The exciting collectors piece will ship in 4-5 weeks following your purchase. Fans from around the globe are rejoicing at the fact that they will finally get their Skrillex fix. Well, enough to hold them off for a while, that is. We can’t wait to see some exclusive footage! What are you waiting for?