Shaq Breaks Down Talking About Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna‘s unexpected deaths caused shock waves around the world. Especially within the basketball community, this was an immense loss that left a hole in many fans and players. One of Kobe’s long time teammates, Shaquille O’Neal, got to know him very well over the years. The duo won three consecutive NBA titles for the Lakers from 2000-2002. Shaq, also known in the EDM community as DJ Diesel, referred to Kobe as hislittle brother.”

On an episode of Inside the NBA Shaq talked about how hard this loss was for him. It is gutwrenching to watch a guy usually so bubbly and full of life seems distraught and out of it. For good reason of course. In the last few months, he lost his little sister and now this. For seven minutes he pours his heart out. He goes into what could have been and how he wishes he could say one more thing to him. Something we all wish for when we lose someone.

Shaq contemplated canceling his Super Bowl party, Shaq’s Fun House, but thought “what would Kobe do.” We all know Kobe would want us to keep moving forward. As he says in an Instagram post “Kobe would want us to push through and celebrate life. So Let’s do that.” He will also be donating all the proceeds to the families of the nine victims who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

Remember to tell those around you “you love them” for we never know when the day will come that we cant.