Spektre – What Once Was Lost


Spektre is gearing us up for their release of 12-track album, ‘Against a Dark Background‘. We see its release on Pleasurekraft’s label, Kraftek and it graces our ears at the end of this month. As an added bonus, they’ve released a 2nd track off of it titled ‘What Once Was Lost‘.

This track is relentless in its drums and heartbeat. That pounding in your chest and stomping of your feet is what everyone experiences when they listen to Spektre’s productions. A minute and a half in, tribal chants resound and flutter-y synths echo in the background. It rests at 128 bpm, but does not let you sleep. At just over seven minutes, the techno takes you further into the deep, dark jungle. Brooding and hard, watch out.

We can only wonder what 12 tracks will bring us. This compilation will exhibit house, breakbeat, and innovative, unique techno ready for the club. As of right now, they’re touring internationally so the only way to listen to their new music is through pre-saving. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t! With a new year and new music, it’s time to share who your favorites are.

Paul and Rich are taking their side project on with full force for 2020. With releases on DrumcodeElevateFilth on Acid, and Unrilis, their productions are unreal. We can see why Adam BeyerCarl CoxAlan Fitzpatrick, and Pleasurekraft support them.

Check out the latest track and get excited for what’s about to come later. It’s never been a more exciting year for techno.

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