Spektre Will Release Third Studio Album ‘Against A Dark Background’ This Month


British duo Spektre is releasing more on Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek imprint with a new album titled ‘Against a Dark Background‘. Appropriately named, dive deep into its haunting atmosphere and unadulterated drums.

Firstly, the title track emerges from a haze of relentless pounding drums mimicking that effervescent feeling of techno we love. Secondly, haunts us with synths and melody, following an intense breakdown at the end. As a result, this big room track primes our warehouse pleasure.

Their album begins with a foreword and whispers the lyrics to their 2018 hit ‘Another Life’. Setting the tone for the rest, it is a musical ocean of techno. Ranging from 80 to 131 bpm, take an adventurous journey through intense, synth-heavy techno. Some tracks steep in house vibes while others throw breakbeat elements into the mix. This album showcases Spektre’s tenure in innovative and unique, club-ready sounds.

Who They Are

Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley comprise the artistic pairing. They’ve worked under their moniker for 15 years. Now, we see their talents growing in their third studio album.

Taking their side project to new heights this year, they’re showing us what they can do. Additionally, with over a decade of experience, they’ve released on Drumcode, Elevate, Filth on Acid, and Unrilis. Garnering support from Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Pleasurekraft, we can see why they are the real deal.

Being among the top five selling techno artists worldwide, their forward thinking productions and lively performances resonate with techno fans. Their thoughts on their latest work is below:

It had been over 5 years since the release of ‘Cyclic Operations’ when we first started work on the new album in earnestwe wanted it to be a representation of how our music has evolved in that intervening period. The writing process itself was a lot more reductive than the previous two albums. We holed ourselves up for a few months and hammered out loads and loads of ideas, then filtered and refined the pool through playing them out and getting feedback from a few trusted pairs of ears, until “Against a Dark Background” began to crystallise into its final form.

This 12 track compilation is set to release on January 31st. Preview a taste of what’s to come below.

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