Spring Awakening Rumors Begin Despite Uncertain Future


No doubt, Spring Awakening Music Festival is one of the more well-known events of this city. However, usually before the new year, dates and info for the upcoming year’s festival are revealed. But, something seems off this year. We’ve heard nothing yet from React Presents, the promotional company since the festival’s inception. The website has not been updated since 2019. And, it wasn’t until recently that there was some movement on Spring Awakening’s Twitter account.

But, fans of the Chicago music scene woke up this morning to some unexpected rumblings. A smaller promotional company, Star Events, updated their website with dates (June 5-7, 2020) for the festival. The image then leads directly to Spring Awakening’s official website.

Many Chicagoans are not familiar with this promotional company but it seems they do host many popular events around town such as Riot Fest and some highly sought after street festivals in the summer. However, many are skeptical. The Star Events website explains this is the festival’s 7th year when it is the 9th. Also, Hoffman Estates is not in Chicago. Granted, these are small pieces of information but important to the legitimacy of the news.

Regardless, we hope some more information comes to light soon. Despite the festival’s departure from downtown, many across the states look forward to the festival and all the artists it brings.

Stay tuned.