The Story Of Hardwell Album To be Released This January


Revealed Recordings, Hardwell‘s record label just announced the release of ‘The Story Of Hardwell Album‘.

The Album will include Hardwell’s most legendary tracks, from “Spaceman” to “Apollo” and “Zero 76”. The collection dropping this January will definitely be the go-to playlist for any Hardwell fan.

Even after one year and a half of absence from the stage, Harwell is still making headlines. He released last year many new tracks like the great awaited “Retrograde“. Another major headline was Ultra’s announcement that Hardwell’s label will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at the UMF Radio stage.

While no announcement have been made, rumors circulate after any sign of the DJ getting back onstage. Back in October, it was a picture of Mister X looking like Hardwell that sat the fans on fire. Everyone believed that Hardwell was back undercover, but that turned out to be false.

Additionally, the DJ made a rare appearance on stage to Celebrate His Label’s ‘Almost’ 10th Anniversary. You could clearly see how excited and happy he was about being up there again.

So is this ‘The Story Of Hardwell’ Album a turning point to end the “Story of Hardwell” chapter and announce a comeback? Will we see again Hardwell on stage at Ultra 2020? More answers will be out soon.

‘The Story Of Hardwell Album’ will be available on Friday, January 31st. You can pre-register here.