Ultra Issues Statement in Response to New Lawsuit


Organizers of Ultra Music Festival say the three-day party, held annually in Miami, won’t be stopped.

Ultra Music Festival and the City of Miami have enjoyed a long-standing partnership that will continue with our 22nd edition on March 20-22, 2020 at Bayfront Park,” said Ray Martinez.

Martinez is Ultra’s chief of security.

“We are grateful to continue partnering with the City of Miami, and we look forward to bringing a world-renowned event back to our home at Bayfront Park this March.”

These reassurances from the festival come following reports that the Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance asked Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge David C. Miller to halt the event.

The 139-page complaint describes Ultra Music Festival as a “illegal nuisance.”

Alliance president Amal Solh Kabbani told the Miami Herald living next to Ultra is like “living in a nightclub.”

Attorney Sam Dubbin represents Kabbani and the other Miami residents trying to stop Ultra.

“It is remarkable that the City Commission would consider a resolution to allow Ultra back into Bayfront Park when the Commissioners and other City officials are fully on notice that Ultra’s noise level has been shown to cause health damage and loss of property use to the residents,” Dubbin said in a 2019 neighbors’ newsletter.

Dubbin says established case law requires the courts to halt Ultra from going forward. But festival organizers say his lawsuit isn’t too much different than another one filed in 2019 that was dismissed.

“We are aware of reports that a group of neighbors once again filed suit against the City of Miami,” Martinez said. “The lawsuit filed raises almost identical issues to the lawsuit filed last year and, just like with those lawsuits, we fully expect the city to quickly prevail like it has in the past.”