Valentino Khan & Diplo – Just Your Soul (Tchami Remix)


Remember Valentino Khan & Diplo’s funky house track ‘Just Your Soul‘? Well, here is a super catchy future bass remix of it by Tchami. That’s right, our French producer is back at it again with his dynamite reworks and it is fire.

The difference is in the details and the drop. It tunes the natural tones into his signature future bass synth and echos. You’ll hear it in the first drop and every buildup after, you’ll want to hear it again. This is every shuffler’s dream song to dance to. You can feel each beat as you pound your foot hard into the ground and alternate steps. What will stay stuck in your head is the voice that repeats in the melody. Once that drop hits, it is full steam head on bass.

We can appreciate the new music Martin is churning out because it is bangin’. From his live performances to collaborative sets with Malaa and Zhu, it is always a good time. The priest shows no signs of stopping this year. You can see his return to melody in this remix as well. His inspiration and culture come from hip-hop, soul, funk and house. Through his amalgamation of each, we get his style of house music.

Take a listen to his remix below.

Valentino Khan & Diplo – Just Your Soul (Tchami Remix)