Alison Wonderland and Said The Sky Tease Upcoming Collab


Alison Wonderland has always been fearless about trying out different styles of production in her songs. Before becoming a DJ, she was a classically trained cellist. She has used her background in classical music to create tracks like ‘Good Enough‘ that features a cello intro and even brought the huge string instrument with her on tour.

On the other hand, Said The Sky has been playing piano and various instruments since he was eight. He performs a live set as he plays on the piano for added layers and effects on top of DJing. He’s had an incredible year of success and growth following successful collaborations and tracks.

Recently, Alison Wonderland revealed on social media that she’s bringing her classical talents together with Said The Sky’s. So the collaboration is currently a work in progress. As Alison continues to work on more music, we may be able to hear a snippet of it in the future.

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