Amelie Lens Drops Fast-Paced Track ‘The Future’

Amelie Lens The Future

Amelie Lens – The Future

Amelie Lens has released another hit with hard-hitting track ‘The Future.’ The song will be released on the Belgian label Lenske. Her first release on the label was back in 2018 with her EP Basiel. ‘The Future’ takes us deep into the world of Amelie. It may be a sign of things to come for her. Maybe she is showing off her future sound. Or maybe stating that techno is the future, as it was the past.

Either way, the Techno Queen is leading us the right way and her tracks always get us going. This one starts out with a thumping kick with some quick-hitting synths in the back. The hi-hat keeps our energy up as low bass beats take over the track. Fun brain tingling tunes continue to hit as our feet don’t stop moving.

‘The Future’ will be the title track for Lens’ upcoming EP. It is set to drop on February 21st. The EP will feature this track along with other songs from artists including Milo Spykers, AIROD, Farrago, and Ahl Ivergive. She has the ability to capture the freshest sounds in Techno. She always is ahead and moving the genre forward.

To hear this track live you can check out some of her upcoming events here. Make sure to check out ‘The Future’ below!

Amelie Lens – The Future