BMW Offers In-Car Streaming, Leaves Out Major Players Like Apple Music


BMW is changing the way you listen to music in your car. With new high-end models, the company is bringing a new Connected Music in-car streaming service to their cars that comes free for 3 years. However, some major players in the streaming game were left out of the integration. Notably, major streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube Music aren’t included.

During the three-year free period, no additional data or roaming charges are applicable for the service. Drivers with a BMW ‘MGU (6U3)’ head unit can access the streaming services from their car now, once theyve updated to OS 7.0. When you log into your Premium accounts, the dash will load up all of your personal music libraries from over 50 million songs from your Spotify, Napster or Deezer streaming accounts.

The connection is via the car’s own SIM card rather than indirectly using a smartphone. This is good news because the services do not consume any of the customers’ personal data allowance.

Keep an eye out for this exciting integration, which just launched in January 2020.

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