Cercle Announces ZHU For Its Next Livestream


Everyone knows the most important things for a DJ set are the DJ and the music. However, were we to add a third important thing, it would definitely be the venue. The place you’re standing in can greatly change and take your experience to a whole new level. When it comes to mixing all of these, one word comes to mind. Cercle. The concert producing company just announced their next set, and this one will feature one of the biggest artists in the game right now, ZHU.

Cercle Joins Forces With ZHU

Cercle is a live stream media dedicated to promoting artists & venues. They film and broadcast DJ sets & live performances on Facebook in carefully selected and unusual places. For a while now, they have been associated with the possibility of experiencing music to a whole new level. Their work is, in my opinion, one of the best inside the industry right now. Some of the best DJs have been able to connect with more people than ever before thanks to this amazing idea. Now, Cercle continues to innovate coming together with American DJ/Producer ZHU to bring what will be a soul elevating experience to the world. Joining this experience comes to the brand new, Japan-based, snow festival ‘Snow Machine’.

Cercle is ready to bring an amazing new experience to you


Ever since taking over the spotlight, ZHU has been a powerhouse inside the EDM industry. After releasing his legendary track ‘Faded’, ZHU has been working nonstop to deliver his message to the rest of the world. Releasing an amazing track after another, playing some insane sets through the world, and releasing one of the best albums of the decade, ZHU is always looking forward to a challenge and chance to experience brand new things. This is what we’ll get from the Cercle x ZHU fusion.

ZHU Joins forces with Cercle to bring a new amazing experience forward

Cercle x ZHU x Japan

So, after all of this, you’re surely wondering, when and where is this going down? Well, check it out.

There you have it. Hakuba Mountain Harbor, Japan. ZHU strength. Hakuba’s mountain majesty. All coming together to elevate your soul into a whole different plane. You can check the Facebook event here!

So, don’t forget to prepare yourself for this mega event! You can check out Cercle’s website here! Make sure to check out and find your favorite sets!