Circular Festival Accomplishes Renewable Energy Through Amsterdam DGTL


One of the biggest issues with music festivals is the human consumption that occurs. Ultimately, this creates more pollution and waste. While a few festivals have provided resolutions such as Live Nation banning single-use plastics at music festivals, another festival has stepped its game up in the fight against harmfully impacting our environment.

Renewable Entertainment: The Circular Festival Ideology

Amsterdam DGTL, a circular festival, announces the changes they’ve made for this year’s 2020 edition. This event, which is held in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paolo, focuses on festival sustainability by accomplishing goals towards circular initiatives.

Last year's addition was a success at gaining momentum on the idea of a circular festival.

Since 2013, they’ve brought a spotlight on areas such as water, sanitation, food, waste, mobility, and energy to their festivals. This year, DGTL Amsterdam has taken on the theme ‘CYCLE’ to celebrate their achievements. The Amsterdam stop will revamp the typical festival terrain to utilize its surrounding neighborhoods and cities to accomplish their motives.

Energy Renewable, All At Once

One of the amazing additions to this circular festival their move away from traditional diesel generators to become energy-neutral. During show days, this circular festival will target energy consumption by finding renewable sources. Amsterdam has provided its NDSM Docklands as a power supply for the event’s facilities. This means the heaviest energy-demanding parts of the festival such as bars, lighting, and food court will be energy-neutral and emission-free during show days.

Food vendors participating in the circular festival ideology with renewable packaging.

In addition to being energy-neutral, attendees will be able to participate in reducing mobile consumption through special ticket deals to-and-from the festival for train travel, instead of flying. Crowds can also enjoy a chef-curated menu. It will consist of plant-based vegan options from rescued food and imperfect products provided by local food chains.

This year’s lineup holds 65 artists across 6 stages and boasts acts such as Bonobo, Honey Dijon, Hot Since 82, Nina Kraviz, Recondite, and Ross From Friends. The circular festival also celebrates local artists and vendors from around the city, bringing together it’s cyclical style.