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Colyn Drops Remix of Joris Voorn’s ‘Never’

Colyn has just dropped a new remix of Joris Voorn‘sNever‘ from his 2019 album, //// (Four). And while it keeps the essence of the original, you can really feel Colyn’s touch on the track. Since August 2019, Colyn was in a short hiatus, but he’snow back in style with this latest release.

Colyn’s remix for ‘Never’ is one you will have on repeat for a while since it is captivating, but too short to only listen to once. Adding to the background with some sick but simple beats, the remix brings a new light to the original. Even though both DJs are from the Netherlands, they showcase a different flavor and production style.

You can get a vibe of mysticism in this one, it is one to sit back and relax to. Starting in a similar fashion to the original, but with more melody and intriguing sounds, the track keeps a balance that still aims for a relaxing mood. The use of the synths on top of the original keyboards are quite a charm. Some might say it has a natural, constant contrast that goes with the flow.

Without further ado, listen to this particularly soothing remix below, you won’t regret it!

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