Cuebrick Releases Progressive House Record ‘Sunray’


Some progressive house just came out today from the Dutch DJ/Producer, Cuebrick. If you miss the sound, here’s a fresh dose of it in his latest release, ‘Sunray‘. His first record of 2020 sees its release on Fanfare Records.

This record features feel-good lyrics accompanied by a warm atmosphere and melody. The lyrics are a story of triumph and the drop solidifies that “victorious” feel. The percussion-filled buildup transitions into an ethereal melody made in heaven. To me, this song is very reminiscent of the 2013-2015 progressive house sound and I absolutely love that.

Cuebrick just signed onto Fanfare Records and will only keep growing. Keep your ears open as you might be hearing this song played on the dancefloors all summer long! Listen to ‘Sunrayhere or down below now!