Electric Zoo Announces ‘Supernaturals’ As 2020 Theme


Think unicorns and aliens as Electric Zoo promises thing are “about to get weird“. Set to take place through Labour Day Weekend from September 4 to 6, New York’s iconic electoronic music festival announces the theme for its 2020 edition as ‘Supernaturals‘.

Electric Zoo has always had fun with its themes, but this year takes it to the next level (or dimension). Previous years showcased themes such as Wild Island (2016), The 6th Boro (2017), The Big Ten (2018) and Evolved (2019).

The lineup has not been released yet, but judging from previous editions, we’ll be finding out which acts will be sharing the stage with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster around May. We’ll certainly keep you posted with updates here!

Pre-sale registration for the 12th edition of Electric Zoo is now open, so don’t forget to do that here! Meanwhile, check out the Official Aftermovie for Electric Zoo: Evolved below!