[Event Review] Galantis Takes New York to Church


This past weekend, Galantis took everyone to church in New York City. As part of their epic kickoff for their Church of Galantis Tour, they played not one but two sold out shows.

Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw took their electrifying energy to the iconic Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York. It being coincidentally Valentine’s day weekend, besides romantic love, the love of music was floating through the air.

I only attended the Friday Valentine’s day show but can assume the Saturday was just as great of an event. The night opened up with great supporting acts such as Qrtr and Mahalo. Qrtr being a Brooklyn native, had the crowd’s support as she shone on stage with her dancy hooks and dreamlike downtempo sounds. Hailing from LA, Mahalo got the crowd going as he came on at 11pm. Eventgoers were really starting to pile in now and warming up the night to his upbeat tracks.

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Once the clock hit 1am, it was time for Galantis to shine. Entering the spotlight with thunderous cheers from the crowd, church service was in session! Behind the Swedish duo was a colorful stage setup featuring a moving butterfly and a glowing lizard with x-ray effects. The presentation was spot on to their latest album’s cover art which was pretty cool to say the least.

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As one can expect from the powerhouse duo, they played all the crowd favorite’s such as ‘Gold Dust’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Peanut Butter Jelly.’ The crowd was literally singing in perfect rhythm every time vocals were heard. A major highlight of the night was when confetti was blasted as ‘No Money’ came on. There were also a ton of ball props that added into the joyful energy.


And now for the major reason why many of us were so hyped for the show, Galantis’ latest Church album. The 14 track piece of work is full of vibrant melodies, feel-good tunes, and powerful vocals. Church was created to band people together in a similar belief for a better humanity with the help of music that people can relate to. This was evident as the whole crowd rocked out to all of the tunes that night. ‘A Love Like This’ with Hook N Sling, ‘Faith’ with Dolly Parton. and ‘Hurricane’ with John Newman were crowd favorites as a majority of the people around me knew the lyrics.

Galantis still has their Church of Galantis tour ahead of them. They will be making stops in San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and more cities. Check out the full tour schedule here.