Galantis Releases Long-Awaited Album ‘Church’


We teased it. We wrote about it. They hyped us. We waited for it. Now, it‘s finally here. Galantis third studio album Church is finally out. Titled after one of the concepts the group uses the most to refer to their shows, Church contains 14 songs. The album was released through Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records.

When Pop and EDM Sound Right Together

Mr. Probz, Yellow Claw, One Republic and many more are part of this Church. Gospel sounds, uplifting melodies and happy, love and energy-infusing drops are all over the place in this album. The best feature, however, is the perfect fusion. In case you didn‘t know, pop and Edm now work together. Yeah, I know. Shocking. Big producers, small producers, vocalists. Many of them have tried to transition to a radio-friendly style. All with different levels of success. However, there are few who have been able to achieve the success Galantis has in both worlds. They have mastered the art, of Pop-Edm.

Galantis is back, and their new album, Church, is one of their best works so far.

From Pharmacy to Church

Ever since releasing their mega-hit ‘Runaway’ the whole world turned their eyes onto Swedish duo Galantis. The Stockholm based duo lost no time. They released banger after banger and took over the whole scene. Their music, along with a really enjoyable fun show landed some of the biggest festivals in the world. To be honest, I have to admit that, after a couple of years I gradually lost my interest in Galantis. Their sound became a little repetitive to me. There would be songs from time to time, such as ‘Mama Look At Me Now’ which would remind me why I started liking them in the first place. Then, Church came out. Once again, my prayers were answered at a Church.

So, How Good Is Church?

Church is great. Plain and simple. Just like that. It‘s filled with tons of different tracks. Tracks which make me want to jump and go crazy as I sit on my school bench. Lyrics I want to scream to the sky at a festival. Drops that evoke the best sounds mainstream EDM has to offer. Claps, choruses, crazy build-up drums, and drops so intense, yet so joyful, they make you happy. This right here, is what gives Galantis such an important place to me. That skill to make you happy.

‘Stella’, ‘Fuck Tomorrow Now’, and ‘Holy Water’ are just some of the tracks the duo worked alone, and you can easily tell that their sound evolution is matched by few. And this, this is just their solo tracks. Enter, the collabs. My god. Banger after banger. Huge track after huge track. ‘We Can Get High’, ‘Bones’, and ‘Feel Something’ might be my personal favorites. Going from making a song with one of the best Pop-Rock groups out there (One Republic), to producing a lit banger with a trap giant such as Yellow Claw really showcases talent. All of this, as a whole, makes Church an amazing Galantis’ album. We’re super stoked for this new era, and will for sure be caught at our closes Galantis Church show, Congratulations Galantis! Your album is amazing, and we love it!

If you live in LA and want to celebrate Galantis’ new album with them, make sure to buy your tickets for Galantis’ album launch party here!

Stream Galantis’ new album Church below!