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GRAVEDGR Unleashes ‘6 FEET UNDER’ Album

The new GRAVEDGR album is finally here! The Heavyweight Records veteran has finally unleashed his debut album into the world. 6 FEET UNDER is a journey through the dark and twisted mind of our hero, GRAVEDGR.

If I had to describe this album in 2 words, they would be “total annihilation”.

The Tracklist

01. ‘INTRO’
02. ‘6 FEET UNDER’
05. ‘MOVE’ with KRISCHVN
07. ‘WARDOGZ’ feat. City Morgue
08. ‘FICK DICH’ with Carnage & Dither
10. ‘MARIA’ with Junkie Kid
12. ‘SHALLOW GRAVES’ with Flosstradamus & Vulgatron
14. ‘MONSTERS’ with Lit Lords

gravedgr - 6 feet under track list
6 FEET UNDER Tracklist


The first thing I noticed about this album were the collaborations. GRAVEDGR searched far and wide to find the hardest producers in the scene to create absolute bombs. There are massive records including the triple threat collaboration between GRAVEDGR, Carnage, and Dither. It’s not often you see a European name on an American hard dance record, so this tune is quite a treat for fans. He recruited Junkie Kid for a massive 175 BPM hybrid of hardcore and drum n’ bass. The OG trap producer, Flosstradamus, also makes an appearance to shake things up and sprinkle some trap on this album. In addition, AWOLTALK and Lit Lords are featured on the album with filthy, jump up drum n’ bass tunes.

The ‘6 FEET UNDER Album

As I mentioned earlier, 6 FEET UNDER is a journey through the mind of GRAVEDGR. He personally takes you through his murderous thoughts and path of destruction. The album tells the story of a man repenting and asking for forgiveness for what he’s done. However, he will never find it as he continues his rampage fueled by rage and the urge to hurt bad people and wreak havoc.

The collaborations are a big part, but they don’t take the shine away from the diverse solo records. GRAVEDGR packed this album with every genre you can think of. There’s rawstyle, reverse bass, drum n’ bass, raw trap, hard trap, hardcore, and bass music. GRAVEDGR has always been the master of raw trap, but this album shows his versatility and ability to infiltrate and take over other scenes.

Overall, it’s one of the best albums of hard music I’ve heard. It took my preconceived notions of hard music and flipped them upside down. Saying that 6 FEET UNDER is next level is a gross understatement. This album is much more than next level. It’s an album that producers will be borrowing from for years to make hard music. If this is just the surface of what the GRAVEDGR project is, I can’t wait to see what else is coming.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the man under the mask, and this album just solidifies my liking of GRAVEDGR. This album completely changed my perspective about hard music and what versatility is. It has it all from unexpected collaborations to the most obnoxious and hard tunes in the universe. I especially liked the fact that it’s a first-person album. So get ready to go on a journey in the shoes of the anti-hero GRAVEDGR, and stay tuned for the next chapter of destruction.

You can stream 6 FEET UNDER now down below! You can also get your tickets to the 6 FEET UNDER Tour right here.

Josue Paredes
Josue Paredes
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