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i_o Releases Second EP ‘NRG 444’ of Three-Part Compilation ‘PROJECT 444’

2019 was an amazing year for i_o. Aside from performing at major festivals and doing a world tour, the breakout artist also dropped the first EP of his three-part compilation, PROJECT 444. The first EP of the project, ACID 444 was his final gift to the world before closing the decade. Now, we get to finally see part 2 of this intriguing project.

Photo by Chris Koeppen

NRG 444

NRG 444 is the second EP off of i_o’s three-part compilation album, PROJECT 444. Released via deadmau5‘s label mau5trap, the 4-track EP is made with i_o’s unique brand and style. Each track took me into a traveling vortex in which music made my mind ramble like never before. The sounds, the repetitive vocals, and the drum patterns were all amazing. When you get to the drops, i_o produces an explosive energy which is a skill not many have. His tracks makes you feel right at the center of the stage, as if you were experiencing an i_o set live. As someone who enjoys techno, it’s hard for me to name someone who brings the same strength, uniqueness, power, and domination with his persona and music. This is i_o’s world, we’re just living in it.

Photo by Chris Koeppen

Were I to choose, I would definitely pick ‘Another Level’ as my favorite track, closely followed by ‘This is Rave’. ‘Another Level’ highlights a hard techno beat with brief laser sounds strategically layered. The finished product is a hypnotic sound that captures every listener’s ear. ‘This is Rave’ starts out with a relatively simple techno beat and gradually turns into a buildup. All of a sudden, the beat drops with a fast-paced rhythm that makes you feel like you’re in a video game.

The techno producer has really outdone himself this time. Congrats on the new EP, i_o. It’s amazing. You can now stream NRG 444 and see which cities he will be touring down below!

i_o NRG 444 tour dates
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