Jauz’s Highly Praised Dangerous Waters Tour Reaches San Diego


Jauz recently set off on his Dangerous Waters Tour nearly a month ago, and it’s already been one of the most talked about performances this year. The artist has experimented in many genres – trap, house, drum & bass, and even techno. However, it looks like the Bay Area native went back to his bass house roots for this tour.

The producer’s Dangerous Waters EP came out mid-January, right before the kickoff for his tour. The 5-track EP combines both house and trap elements, which we’ve recognized as Jauz’s signature sound for years.

The Stage

Jauz chose fitting production for his Dangerous Waters tour. He took Shark Squad to another level by creating a stage that resembled a shark fin. LED screens covered the face of the fin, which pictured colorful visuals. The massive structure stood about 20 feet high, if not more, and Jauz commanded the room as king of the San Diego waters. Of course, how could we expect anything less from the shark king himself?


As support, Jauz brought Tynan and Habstrakt along to San Diego.

To start off the night, Tynan put on a heavy set. He warmed up our necks in preparation for the other performing acts, setting the tone for the rest of the night. His set was an unexpected surprise of heavy bass and trap, making this artist one to watch out for on future festival lineups.

Habstrakt took command of the stage immediately after Tynan. He has always played killer sets when I’ve seen him in the past and this one was no different. He played his recent releases and, of course, his iconic ‘Chicken Soup’ track with Skrillex. At the end of his set, the bass house artist surprisingly closed with some drum and bass.


I’ve seen Jauz a handful of times before but this set takes the cake for best set I’ve seen by him. He performed the tracks off his Dangerous Waters, with ‘There For U’ being a crowd favorite during the night. Aside from the songs on his EP, the artist played many of his older tracks and remixes. Later in the night, he dropped his memorable remix of Knife Party’s ‘PLUR Police’.

Jauz played a very bass heavy set; but what was so memorable was the way he was able to read the crowd and throw in some curveballs. He wasn’t afraid to surprise us with a nostalgic track or sift in some good ol’ techno. My absolute favorite moment of the night was when he dropped my favorite track of his, ‘Acid or Techno’. The fact that he can switch gears so fluidly is what makes a good DJ and an overall good performance. All in all, what the Dangerous Waters tour shows us is that Jauz is still in touch with his innovative side and has the ability to put out fresh, creative ideas into the scene.

After a memorable night, we would highly recommend checking out Jauz on tour. You can check out the remaining dates and buy tickets here.

If you’re not able to catch him live, you can still get the experience through a virtual concert on Youtube. Check it out down below.