Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange – Love Me


Happy Valentine’s Day all! Enjoy this new pop hit by Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange titled ‘Love Me‘. Out today, this is their first single on NCS. They join forces to explore the bittersweet uncertainty of today’s relationships.

It is a catchy piece with a sweet melody backed by deep house bass rhythms. Both singers take turns singing to each other, giving us a taste of the trials and tribulations that come with love. With its chill vibes and smooth cadence, it is a perfect song for adding to your heartbreak playlist on Spotify or blasting out loud in your living room. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. This track is actually a good one. Inspired by recent breakups in both the singers’ lives, this song is infectious and takes a modern twist to pop.

Koch and Sollange hail from Seattle and Moscow respectively. They’ve each garnered over 6 million combined streams for their tracks. Fun fact behind this track: an avid fan brought the pair through DM and suggested they work together. Annie burst into the dance music scene back in 2012 and has rapidly become a sensation in London’s most exclusive clubs. She is also a DJ and after moving to New York, she adds her own element to her sets: herself singing. Her sultry, powerful voice create the spirit for this song. Both artists have influences from R&B so you can see their passion for music making shines through here.

The cover art is also absolutely stunning and perfectly captivates the essence of their track. For anyone struggling, you are not alone. Say ‘Sayonara’ to all your wild hearts and start living your best life.

Appropriately released on this day of the year, we hope you enjoy this track!

Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange – Love Me