Latest Android 11 Beta Shows Upcoming Support for Electronic IDs


From credit cards, to plane tickets, to concert tickets, many of us have replaced our wallets with our phones, and for good reason. Most places accept electronic payment. If you get pickpocketed, all of your cards are locked away. Above all, its convenient. But you still have to carry an ID for traffic stops or alcohol purchases. Well soon, you may not have to.

Google announced on their developer blog that Android 11 will support “secure storage and retrieval of verifiable identification documents.” They hope to implement this in a way that would work even if your phone is dead, through NFC.

During last years developer conference, the tech giant revealed that they are working on bringing electronic ID support to Android. With the newest developer edition of the Android 11 beta, that day is getting closer.

To make it a reality, Google needs to not only make sure their encryption is solid, but also to comply with the International Organization for Standardization. The other hurdle (at least in the US), is getting all 50 states to accept electronic ID’s, so that they could be used domestically. Airlines will probably come last, dependant on the success of the drivers licenses.

Last year, many states started accepting digital forms of identification. Louisiana has already implemented a mobile driver’s license that is acceptable at traffic stops and for tobacco/liquor purchases.

As Google’s flagship Android phone, the Pixel series will probably be the first to receive NFC electronic ID support. Other Android devices will probably come into compliance shortly after.

We’ll update you on electronic ID and Android 11 once Google releases more details about the upcoming support.