Mark Reeve — Distance EP on Drumcode 219


Mark Reeve, another Drumcode favorite, is back with his latest techno compilation of ‘Distance‘ EP. Out now on DC219, check out an arresting sonic aesthetic, with enormous melodies rendering your eyes shut. As the lights dim low, enjoy.

The title track ‘Distance’ massages your senses with an atmospheric opening. Its uplifting pads and radiant melody resonate as the organs sound. Secondly, pass the main chorus and through until the finish, where it slowly fades into the light.

Serum’ introduces a low-end rumble with intricate keys in the background. Some random, funky bass notes and it builds into something much more. Beyer recently debuted this track at a special event, where he collaborated with Cercle. It soars, no doubt, into deeper, darker space.

Fix Me’ is progressive in the beginning and showcases his true craftsmanship with rawness and emotion. Intense melodies are his thing and you can hear it in this one. ‘Filmwave’ closes out the EP and holds a killer groove. Filled with punching, powerful kick drums, it is a techno workout for all those that sweat.

A Little About Mark

Since 2012 and with over 15 years of experience, Reeve has imprinted his vision, passion and excitement. As a result, he is backed by two successful EPs (‘Run Back‘ and ‘Far Away‘), and the #1 spot on Beatport’s techno chart as well. Avid clubbers loyal to Drumcode events, take heed of his performances, including at the inaugural Drumcode Festival, Awakenings Gashouder, Space Ibiza, and more.

He’s here to take us on a thrilling journey of hard driving beats and artistic flow. From England to Germany, we welcome his tough uncompromising sound. His transition from break beats and drum and bass to house and techno are evident in his fusion of tech house/techno. As someone that wears their heart on their sleeve, it’s all about that bass, bass, bass. Enjoy!

Mark Reeve — Distance EP — Drumcode — DC219