Markus Schulz Releases New Track ‘Indestructible’


German/American DJ/Producer Markus Schulz is taking over 2020. The Trance legend has just released his single of the year. It’s called ‘Indestructible’. It was released through Coldharbour Recordings, a sublabel for Armada Music owned by Schulz himself.

More Trance in 2020, Please

2019 was the year I really got into trance. I know, kinda late. This, however, did not stop me from finding jewel after jewel inside this world. I realized trance had much more into it than I thought before. Now, in 2020, tracks like this continue to affirm my love for this genre.

‘Indestructible’ by Markus Schulz is an amazing euphoric trance song. The lyrics are provided by Romanian singer Adina Butar. Butar has had an exciting career in Trance so far. The vocalist/songwriter took the spotlight recently by joining Schulz Music Group (SMG) as their first female vocalist/songwriter. Markus Schulz first introduced Adina to the world at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch. Now, she pairs up with Schulz to bring an amazing track to us. ‘Indestructible’ really makes you feel like it. It carries an intense energy throughout the whole song. Finally, it transforms into a tear-shedding drop. I can totally picture myself leaning my head back, screaming the lyrics as hard as I can and letting myself go to such an ecstatic drop.

Markus Schulz has started 2020 as hard as he could. After releasing two compilation albums, this single comes to top a great beginning of the year. While Trance might not take as much room inside the industry as it used to do, we can definitely still fall in love with it. Here’s to a year filled with more songs like this, and, as Schulz himself says, hope to see him somewhere around the world soon!

Stream ‘Indestructible’ by Marcus Schulz & Adina Butar below!