Matisse & Sadko Team Up With Matluck on New Track, ‘Best Thing’


Back in action is none other than the progressive house duo, Matisse & Sadko. This time, they’re bringing Matluck along for the ride on a new track titled, ‘Best Thing’.

In the past, we’ve seen Matisse & Sadko team up with everyone from Arty, to Raiden, to Steve Angello, and most famously, Martin Garrix. Matluck has also worked with his share of EDM’s ‘who’s who’s’ to include Nicky Romero, Elephante, and most recently, Armin van Buuren.

If you’re unfamiliar with Matisse & Sadko, I highly recommend checking out their discography. I say this only because when it comes to the genre of progressive house, they are some of the best around. For proof of this, just check out some of their previous releases like their collabs with Martin Garrix such as ‘Forever‘, ‘Mistaken‘, and most recently, ‘Hold On‘.

Best Thing’ starts off quickly with a happy chord progression, played on piano. From here, the vocals are thrown in, as well as the drums. We get some snares, and saws and at 00:40, we get ‘the drop’. ‘Best Thing’ undeniably contains a theme of bliss, and gratefulness, and it’s beautiful. ‘Best Thing’ contains the lyrics of:

“The way that you love me
I could never say no
Cause you give me this feeling
It’s the best thing I know”

After listening a time or two, we can’t help but feel the emotion in the track. The vocals of Matluck are perfectly suited for the backdrop of Matisse & Sadko’s production. If you like upbeat, happy-go-lucky music, you might like this one.

While ‘Best Thing’ is not quite the anthemic type of progressive house we’re used to seeing from the duo, it’s still euphoric nonetheless. If you’re into the duo, Matluck, or just like progressive house, you do not want to miss this one. With a runtime of 2:54, it goes by quickly, so you might want to listen to it a few times.

Matisse & Sadko‘s new song alongside Matluck called ‘Best Thing‘ is out now on STMPD RCRDS, and can be streamed below, enjoy!