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Matt Fax Drops ‘Collide’ & ‘The Gate’ in Anjunabeats Debut

Looking back over the last eight years, most of us likely didn’t see our dreams come true. Especially if realizing that dream took up all or most of that time. That kind of dedication takes a high level of discipline that few can claim they possess. Yesterday, after nearly a decade of shopping demos to labels, Matt Fax finally became a member of that rare group. However, with the release of ‘Collide‘ and ‘The Gate‘ on Anjunabeats, his dream actually comes true twice.

Obviously, Matt Fax is no slouch when it comes to his music. In fact, he’s been on his grind since turning 15 years old. Even then, it appears he has the discipline one needs to achieve ultimate success. Indeed, with the release of ‘Collide’ and ‘The Gate’, that drive is starting to pay off. Especially considering that he’s also set to hit the road on a massive tour alongside Jason Ross on his 1000 Faces Tour.

Jason Ross is hitting the road for his 1000 Faces tour soon and he's taking Matt Fax along for the ride.

Nevertheless, Matt Fax’s music speaks for itself. Furthermore, the pairing of ‘Collide’ and ‘The Gate’ are a perfect combination for Matt to blast himself into the stratosphere of progressive music. Although a large swath of ‘Collide’ will have you caught in the throws of euphoria from its intense buildup, it is clearly the hard-hitting dancefloor killer of the two. With its booming bassline and uptempo rhythm, heads are sure to lose it when the beat drops. ‘The Gate’ is more of a mystical tune, with its deep and techno-esque sound. It’s certainly more in line with the types who like to get lost in their own world of dance floor gyrations.

Whatever your vibe is, you’ll certainly feel the energy when you blast Matt Fax’s newest releases. Don’t hesitate to grab your copy of the double-single here now. Check out his website to follow him on his continual journey into progressive music.

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