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Murci – Three Six Five

Emergent talent Murci released his debut single ‘Three Six Five’. This new track sounds powerful and fresh, which is just what we need in this industry.

‘Three Six Five’ starts off slow with an eerie voice in the background. As the song gradually builds up, Murci eventually surprises us with a sensually explosive drop. The track will have you bouncing as if you were adventuring in a desert town. Overall, ‘Three Six Five’ gives off the underground house music vibe, but with a hot twist.

Murci also announced that he will be releasing new music every single month of 2020. This is exciting news, especially since the artist likes to experiment with different sounds. With a fun, upbeat, and mysterious style, Murci is anticipated to be a voice in the streets and possibly the future wave of the underground. His numerous remixes and bootlegs on Soundcloud can attest to that.

You can enjoy Murci’s ‘Three Six Five’ in the video below. Make sure to stay tuned to his social networks for all his new releases.

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