Rumors Point to New Daft Punk Album


That’s right—you read that correctly. It looks like Daft Punk may be stepping back into our lives sooner than expected. If you loved Random Access Memories and were starting to get nostalgic, listen closely—it looks like they are working on something new.

A new leak has been circling the internet today with a photo of a product release sheet. An individual claims that he got this image from a friend in Los Angeles who works for the Henson company.

As you can see in the photo, it seems that there’s a planned product release from the iconic French house duo. An important thing to note is that they are using the Daft Trax trademark, instead of the Daft Life Limited, which they used for their last three albums.

The source also claims that there will be many collaborations on the album, as we’ve seen commonly done by Daft Punk as well. Some of the names suggested are Cassius, Brian Wilson, DJ Sneak, John Cale and even Stevie Wonder.

Possible tracklist

While we can’t possibly know for sure if this leak is real, we definitely have high hopes for the coming months. Fingers crossed we’ll see a new Daft Punk album in 2020!