Play as Deadmau5 in Free Video Game, Ghosts’n DJs


The wait is over! A few weeks back, we had the honor of bringing you news about Ghosts’n DJs, we can now offer you the full story. The free videogame that puts players into the task of saving EDM is out now. Dr. Kucho! has been working on this for a long time, but we can now try Ghosts n’ DJs in its full glory.

The long-awaited parody game, based on the classic Ghosts n’ Goblins, is out now for grabs on Steam. Featuring Deadmau5, his cat, and other playing heroes, the game also showcases multiple parodies of big EDM names as villains.

The game is based on the premise of ‘saving’ the world from ‘boring’ and ‘stupid’ music. Based off the classic run and gunner, while adding some serious soundtrack to the mix, the game is a true experience to remember. And the parody names sure are something funny.

Already getting some time in the spotlight by gaming veteran Alpha Beta Gamer, it sure looks like an entertaining one. With the download of the game being totally free, Dr. Kucho! suggests players to donate if they enjoy the game. You can check out this EDM gaming jewel here. Don’t forget to play it to the end, and save dance music from oblivion!