Popular Hardstyle Duo Are Breaking Up


Some sad news for the hard dance world today. The euphoric hardstyle DJ/producers, Wasted Penguinz, are splitting up. Jon wants to back away from the project, so Pontuz will keep the Wasted Penguinz name alive on the Dirty Workz record label.

The news comes as a surprise as they are prominent icons in the hardstyle world. As pioneers of the euphoric hardstyle sound, they’re such an integral part in the history of hard dance music and it’s a huge shock that they won’t be a duo anymore. However, it is with good reason. Jon mentioned he is stepping away due to his mental health. Throughout the years, this duo has been very open about mental health. You can hear it in their songs like ‘Make It One Day‘.

Wasted Penguinz posted a video on Youtube and Jon opened up about how he’s been feeling lost and needs to go back to normal life. The life he’s living has made him lose his passion for hard dance music. However, Jon did mention that he will still release music under a different alias.

Personally, this duo means so much to me. They were one of the first hardstyle artists I listened to when I first discovered this niche of incredible music. Now, I’m the biggest fan of hard dance music and that’s thanks to producers like Wasted Penguinz. It sounds cliché, but their music has helped me in life in more ways than I could list off in this piece of writing. From tunes like ‘Wait For You‘ to ‘Bitterness‘ to ‘FML‘, they really made the most emotional and beautiful hardstyle music. Although it’s sad to see one of my favorite duos go, they will always be some of the best producers in hard dance.

We wish nothing but the best for the future of Wasted Penguinz and the future of Jon’s music career. You can watch their full announcement down below. Also, you can check out a Spotify playlist of my favorite Wasted Penguinz tunes by clicking here or down below.