NGHTMRE recently performed his Portal Tour show in Montreal‘s MTELUS venue alongside support by Black A.M., Effin, and KOMPANY. Upon walking in, the idea behind the stage unravels, seeing rigged up rings with the stage in the center. As the support acts played, the screen behind them grew in size, reaching its largest state for NGHTMRE.

The night kicked off with the openers setting things up while maintaining a vibrant energy throughout. Getting to KOMPANY, the DJ played out a good sum of tracks ranging from classics to new originals. Admittedly, one of the most eye-appealing views during that night was the vehement crowd. It’s seldom I see people deeply engaged with the opening acts in a way that feels like the headliner over-and-over again. The energy in the room kept things constantly refreshing, and that was quite infectious. Topping it all off, Montreal producer Snails showed up to share the stage during a couple of songs.

NGHTMRE played on an elevated platform, placing him in a mid-position between rings stacked with lights. Beyond that, the visual show took a very grandiose turn as he continued to perform. Starting off with lights to smoke cannons, eventually lazers and confetti were introduced, ending up with a combination of all four. Overall, NGHTMRE delivered a performance which digs into his discography and portrays his diversity in sound. That includes his new collaboration with SLANDER, ‘FEELING GUD.’


Thanks to capturedbycyga for the great photographs from the show, and allowing us to use them. Take a look through his website for more of his work!

NGHTMRE is currently on his Portal Tour, and it’s taking him across North America for more time to come. You can find his upcoming stops and purchase your tickets from his website here.