RÜFÜS DU SOL Shares Video Clip of ‘Solace’ Live @ Joshua Tree Album


Deep within the rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes of Joshua Tree, RÜFÜS DU SOL wrote their 2018 album SOLACE. During their trip, they playfully spoke about the idea of returning to record a live set with no one there to witness it but the morning sun.

We stayed up all night writing as the sun rose, this creeping light over the valley made its way into the room. We climbed these wild rock formations to a little vista at the top, about 100 feet above where we were writing and sat to take in the sunrise. We were listening to tunes on a speaker and someone put on Time by the Pachanga Boys. Watching dawn break with this epic 15 minute journey playing out, we started joking about putting together a sunrise set in the desert where we would play to no one.

James Hunt

Their daydream quickly came into fruition as the trio began brainstorming ideas that would manifest into a stunning visual project. Cameras pan over the deep red earth as RÜFÜS plays; surrounded by nothing but the pastel colors of sunrise and thoughtfully placed LEDs.

Live From Joshua Tree is an emotive 44 minute masterpiece that premiered at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles this past week. The intimate gathering of 400 friends and fans will be the first of many unique screenings set to happen in select major cities. The band also announced there will be a live album to accompany the worldwide release of the film on March 6th.

In the meantime, Mixmag has released a teaser into the breathtaking production with a clip of their performance of ‘Solace’. Check it out below and don’t forget to pre-order the album here. You can also catch the boys live on their upcoming world tour.

RÜFÜS DU SOL: Live from Joshua Tree Tracklisting

1. Valley of the Yuccas (Live from Joshua Tree)
2. Eyes (Live from Joshua Tree)
3. New Sky (Live from Joshua Tree)
4. Desert Night (Live from Joshua Tree)
5. Solace (Live from Joshua Tree)
6. Underwater (Live from Joshua Tree)
7. Innerbloom (Live from Joshua Tree)
8. No Place (Live from Joshua Tree)