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Salvatore Ganacci Releases ‘Boycycle’ EP

Salvatore Ganacci is finally back with a fresh release. This past Friday, the producer released the Boycycle EP on OWSLA.

The Boycycle EP is his first release following ‘Horse‘ in 2019. The title song, ‘Boycycle‘ continues Salvatore Ganacci’s theme of fantasy. If you remember, the ‘Horse’ music video featured him driving around in a shoe while donks played in the background. Well, ‘Boycycle’ isn’t any less weird. The music video is about a human motorcycle (boycycle) and he wants to find love. The ending is quite hilarious, but I won’t spoil it so you can watch it for yourself by clicking here. Also, ‘Boycycle’ features vocals from S├ębastien Tellier. If you miss the donks from Horse, don’t worry because ‘Heartbass‘ is a donk banger. This record features vocals from Tommy Cash. Salvatore Ganacci actually played this record together with Tommy Cash on the Tomorrowland mainstage in 2019. The final song, ‘Interest in Sport‘ is a groovy house record with a touch of Salvatore Ganacci sounds.

Salvatore Ganacci
Half Boy, Half Motorcycle: Boycycle

Overall, Boycycle is fresh and top quality. Salvatore Ganacci showed his versatility by putting out an EP with three different genres on it, and even a few different languages. I’m a big fan of Salvatore Ganacci and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. You can stream his latest EP below, enjoy!

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