Samsung to Sell Foldable Glass Display to Other Companies


Samsung has been attempting to pioneer new technological ideas and designs. However, they faced some flaws and issues during the initial launch of their foldable screen technology. Despite the initial setback and embarrassment, they learned from their mistakes.

Samsung announced their Galaxy Z Flip phone which is the modern day Razr. It is the first folding glass phone made with Samsung’s ultra-thin glass (UTG) that’s only 30 microns thin (0.03mm). So it comes as no surprise that Samsung is going to sell the foldable glass screen to other companies. It’s unclear if they already have potential buyers, but the technology is innovative and new.

Although there are some concerns with the durability of the screen, Samsung has no direct competitor as of now. This may change in the future as competitors are looking into similar technology. When the technology is perfected, we may be looking at a future of everyone owning a foldable smartphone.

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