Semi-Truck Driver Pulled Over With Complete Studio Found in Cab


Many of us can agree that we could all be a bit better at multi-tasking. With so much going on in our daily lives, many of our favorite activities are left unattended to. One truck driver in the state of Washington took the challenge of doing his job and his favorite hobby at the same time. For future reference, we do not recommend anyone to attempt this while driving any sort of vehicle. Ever.

A Washington State Trooper had an unusual traffic stop recently. After pulling over a semi-truck, what he would see in the cab of the truck would leave him in disbelief – the driver had a full recording studio in the cab of his truck. Everything you could possibly need to exhaust your creativity was in plain sight. The trooper found a mixer, headphones, monitor, and microphone that supposedly lowered from the truck’s ceiling. Trooper C. Thorson shared photos of the customized truck cab to Twitter.

The driver was originally pulled over for driving 17mph over the speed limit and he was eventually arrested for suspicion of drugs and DUI. They found him in possession of party favors shortly after. We’re unsure if the driver was making tunes at the time of the offense but it could explain for the high speed. For all we know, this setup could have been used during the drivers’ pitstops while traveling. Although, if he was producing while driving, that’s a talent within itself. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Take a look at the shared photos below and let us know what you think of his setup!

H/T: NY Daily News