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Speaker Honey Debuts EP on mau5trap, ‘Night Visions’

Speaker Honey, a fresh face on deadmau5mau5trap imprint, released her debut EP on the label titled Night Visions. It spans a rounded 20 minutes featuring 4 tracks, ‘Mass‘, ‘2020 (Night Vision)‘, ‘P=MV‘, and ‘Dark Fortune‘. Throughout, the producer takes an unique approach melding sounds from both electro and techno.

Delving in, ‘Mass’ kicks off the EP in a roller build focused around a consistently distant drone with underlying punchy bass. Moving forward, it adds garnishing plucks filling out some of the sound. Following, ‘2020 (Night Vision)’ functions on a hypnotic tone led by whispered vocals with emphasis on side-chained bass. Beyond, ‘P=MV’ delivers a punchy track leading to the closing reverberating and crunched production on ‘Dark Fortune.’

Speaker Honey is currently supporting No Mana on his Secret Something tour. Take a look at where the tour is stopping and purchase your tickets in the link here.

Listen to Speaker Honey’s Night Visions, marking her debut EP on deadmau5 imprint, mau5trap, below.

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