Spotify Updating New Music Friday Playlist and Social Cards


It is clear 2020 is the year for Spotify. While reaching over 124 million subscribers, it was announced that Spotify has been growing at 3 million users a month. Then, they launched a new page and special playlists feature for songwriters. Now, it has been announced that Spotify will be revamping their New Music Friday Playlist.

The New Music Friday playlist on Spotify features more than 3.5 million followers in the U.S. and over 8 million followers around the world. Some of the updates include a new logo and color scheme, as well as a massive marketing campaign. Furthermore, the marketing campaign will be promoting in areas such as Times Square in New York City and Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto.

2020 New Music Friday Campaign p.c Billboard

Speaking with Billboard, Sarah Patellos, Spotify’s business lead for artist & label services spoke about the updates:

New Music Friday has almost become one of these brands on its own, but we never did a proper relaunch or proper rebranding of it, so this is an opportunity to bring that to market.

Also included in these updates are brand new social cards. These social cards will be located in the Spotify for Artists app for artists to promote their placement on playlists like below.


All in all, many artists strive to get on these curated playlists. Notably, many new artists careers get jump started from placement on playlists like these. We are excited to see the new redesign, and the future changes to come.