Tchami Announces New Era With The Release Of Two New Tracks: Proud & Ghosts

Tchami Proud

2020 is Tchami’s year. I’m calling it right now. Day after day we receive news of the producer, and he doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon. After teasing new tracks, and announcing an album, the French DJ/Producer is back two finally give us a glimpse of what we’re in for. Yesterday, Tchami released two new tracks, and they are definitely the beginning of a new era inside the mind of a genius who takes EDM to a whole new spiritual level.

Tchami’s new tracks are named ‘Proud’ and ‘Ghosts’. From the first second, you can tell both songs have something new, something fresh on them. Proud takes you into a chiller, yet kind of night-time feel. Featuring singer/songwriter Daecolm, the song sounds really different to other Tchami’s tracks. The vocals and drop resemble a middle-eastern sound similar to the one used by the DJ/Producer’s close friend, DJ Snake. Playing with sounds, vocals, and bringing his creative touch onto the mix, ‘Proud’ achieves a perfect mixture between house and that middle-eastern sound.

The second song, ‘Ghosts’ is definitely a ‘Tchamier track’. What I mean with this is that the leads, the piano melodies, the arpeggios, and the drops all resemble Tchami’s past work. The song features singer/songwriter HANA, and after mixing her vocals with a perfect build-up, the song falls into the drop. A perfect, echoed, beautifully designed Tchami’s drop takes over the song. While ‘Proud’ was an amazing song, ‘Ghosts’ definitely takes my personal prize for best song. Tchami however, has outdone himself again. I will be playing both tracks non-stop, and continue to crave more of his amazing music.

Now, after all of this, you might be wondering the same as me. Will these two tracks be a part of Tchami’s new album? To be honest, there’s no way to know. If they’re, then we might be in for a whole different album than expected. Around the internet, some people have expressed their discomfort over Tchami’s new song. They want “the old Tchami back”. Me? I love it. I love the audacity. The new sounds. The newly-found idea. The feeling of creating a new experience to add to the religious journey Tchami is. Let’s hope he continues being the amazing producer he is. Just enjoy it! Thanks, Tchami!

Stream ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Proud’ by Tchami below!