The Chainsmokers Take Social Media Break, Announce Fourth Album


Everyone knows The Chainsmokers. The American EDM duo has been on top of the industry for almost six years now. Dominating the pop-EDM spectrum in a very unique way, the duo – made up by Andre Taggart and Alex Pall – has given this decade countless tracks that have undoubtedly defined electronic music. Now, it looks like they’re ready to add a fourth chapter to this book.

Just a few hours ago, The Chainsmokers announced that they’re taking a break from the social media world to enter the creative process of a fourth album. While this may cause mixed opinions within the industry, it is undeniable that this news ranks as some of the biggest thus far in 2020.

The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers announced today that they’re ready to enter ‘Album Mode’

New Album Incoming

The Chainsmokers shared their announcement via Facebook today. After promising they would be around, at least in real life “if you know where to find them”, the duo explained their motives in detail with this new album. TCS4 is coming – you can read the full announcement below.

Bild könnte enthalten: Text „Hey everybody. time to create are going to taking next in music. have never more inspired and already hard work on TCS4 we are going to be taking a break from social media (minus a few obligations) give it the attention it needs. hope you miss us, we miss you! We'll be around (in real life) if you know where to find us. Don't be shy and say hello if you us. If not, we will back soon (ish), but other than that next time you see our faces on here, will be when TCS4 is time for album mode“

While The Chainsmokers have historically been a topic of mixed opinions in the industry, their influence is undeniable. They brought fusions that existed already into the mainframe, turning them into the sensation of the moment. Their music has been played a festivals around the world, and they know how to stay relevant. Live sets, different genres, original collaborations all come together to make this announcement a pretty exciting one.

The tl;dr is simple: The Chainsmokers are in the studio. Their fourth album is coming. What will it be? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure. It will deliver a new take on the duo’s creativity, and with it, a new sound. Even if you don’t like them, don’t miss the chance to judge this new album yourself. Get ready.