Twitter Will No Longer Call its Users, “Users”


Twitter no longer wants to call its users, “users”. According to engagedet, there are public documents that state that the social media platform will no longer call people this. Supposedly, the change will help to show empathy towards them.

According to engagedet, this new change is a part of an initiative that Twitter has begun. They aim to make the social media platform a happier place for all those who use it. Apparently, they have taken this initiative so seriously that they have even shrunk the number of “unhealthy” tweets posted on their website. They are able to do this through machine-learning models that are designed to find and remove posts before they are even flagged.


Twitter has proven to be a very engaging platform with its users. At the end of 2019, Twitter put people’s tweets on large format Out of Home Media (billboards) across the US. The response from this was extremely positive.

Happiness Initiative

Truthfully, there have been some positives that have come out of Twitter’s initiative to make its service happier. They have been able to make a variety of improvements in their infrastructure and moderation which has helped people to post content that they love; this has led to major user growth. Last year, alone, there were only 126 million people using the social media platform; Now there are about 152 million. Surely, Twitter is doing something right.

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