Ultra Music Festival Will Reward You For Picking Up Recyclables


Ultra Music Festival announced a new initiative titled “Mission: Home.” This is an effort for pollution prevention and nature preservation. As climate change has become a more serious issue in recent years, Ultra is now taking a stance as well to help the environment.

Throughout the festival, attendees will learn about the wildlife and ecosystem of the local Biscayne Bay and how to protect them. In addition, people can collect recyclable items from festival grounds and turn it in for prizes. This is the type of initiative that has proven wildly successful at other events.

Free pocket ashtrays will be distributed and they’re also working with experts on noise mitigation among lots of other things. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see a major festival take such actions to protect and look after the environment. Ultra will announce more information shortly. However, they are accepting volunteers to help them with Mission: Home. So if you’d like to be a part of that, you can register at ultramusicfestival.com/volunteer.

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