Ultra Provides Coronavirus Precautions


Ultra Music Festival Miami has confirmed the event will go ahead, so partygoers can relax for now. A steep increase in cases appearing outside of China has raised questions on the fate of crowd-drawing events, including Miami Music Week and UMF Miami.

While the safety of patrons remains a priority, Ultra has confirmed no current plans are in place to cancel, postpone, or scale-down the event. UMF Miami will occur on the weekend of Miami Music Week, between March 20th – 22nd. During the 3 day event, extra precautions are planned including additional hand-sanitizing stations and coronavirus health-care tips.

Ultra’s Chief of Security, Ray Martinez confirmed conversations are underway with Miami government officials. This includes conversations planned in the coming week to determine if any further action will need to be taken. Like the rest of us, both the Miami government authorities and Ultra have been monitoring the coronavirus situation.

While no coronavirus cases are reported in Miami, Carlos Gimenez, Mayor of the Miami-Dade County, is addressing the threat as a potential emergency.

Music events across Asia have also been halted or postponed due to the virus. Debates on discriminatory behaviours, such as with Dutch DJ Lex Gaarthuis, have also arisen.

If you’re feeling unwell be sure to contact local health authorities. As always, look after yourself and each other, fam!