Witness The Essence of Trance [25 Years of RAM]


RAM is out with his 25 years mix of ‘Essence Of Trance’. Covering 4 discs and 320 minutes of music, this is epic in both size and scope. Are you ready? You better be!

Our Dutch DJ, producer, promoter and label runner lived a lifetime of trance–25 years (and a month!). Since his first DJ booking, he’s been experiential at every nook of trance’s progression. Last month, he sold out his open-to-close show at Amsterdam’s famed Paradiso concert hall. Now, we get to listen to it forever on this album.

Experience his own quintessential musical history, through mixing and compiling in this career-defining move. RAM has left nothing to chance. From 400 down to 78 tracks, he worked hard at cutting down his quarter-decade-spanning list of music.

You will see highly recognizable names featured in remixes. Each song flows together to the next, and we love this about albums. It’s like one giant set that never ends. We are honored to hear this set-list.

The album is grouped into four headings: Moments, Magic, The Journey, and Passion. For every main headliner we’ve seen, there’s an arsenal of the underground’s most beloved waiting with remixes. That is to say, Ralphie B, Vincent de Moor, Chakra, X-Cabs will be in here. Plus, Salt Tank, Signum, The Thrillseekers, DT8 Project, York, Gaia and more. However, Tiësto, BT, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, A&F, John O’Callaghan, Solarstone, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery also take to the decks.

Here are some summarized thoughts of each disc, via Ram Boon.

Disc 1: “This is about my memories, about countless unique and unforgettable moments I’ve collected throughout 25 years of DJ-ing.”

Disc 2: “The magic of music, [especially trance], has a strong impact on the human body…The power of melody, harmony, and rhythm packed in a soul work from someone to someone. That is what music is about for me, magic!”

Disc 3: “Music takes me where I go. I am so grateful for my journey. I have seen many beautiful places around the world and [connected] with thousands of people. The best thing about this journey is that it never gets boring.”

Disc 4: “My passion for music has always inspired my being. Never give up on your dreams, have faith, trust, and believe you can achieve whatever your dreams and passions are.”  

“For me it is all about melodic, emotional trance and the feelings this music gives me. Due to evolutions in electronic music, I have played different types of trance in my career. Instead of creating 4 mixes with different subgenres, I have chosen for tracks that fully connect to my essence of trance. The tracks on this compilation inspired and motivated me for the last 25 years, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.” – RAM

Listen now and let us know which musical identity you resonate with.

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