Andy King From Fyre Festival is Going on Tour


Andy King is one of the most prominent and well-known figure from the Fyre Festival incident, thanks to his ‘do whatever it takes’ mentality. Below is a clip from the Netflix documentary, ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened‘ that most people remember him from.

He will be touring around the United Kingdom in April. The ‘Fyre-side Chat’ shows will feature an hour long recollection of the Fyre Festival experience. Then a 30 minute Q&A session with the audience will follow after. Additionally, tickets are available now for anyone who’s interested in attending.

This past January marks the one year anniversary of Andy King’s documentary role. So Evian commemorated the special occasion with a custom bottle of water for Andy King. As for Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind Fyre Festival, he’s still serving time but he’s currently writing a memoir and planning a potential Fyre Festival redo.

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