Armin van Buuren Gets Third Party on Balance (Remixes, Pt. 4)


In his fourth batch of remixes for his Balance album, trance authority Armin van Buuren dishes out three more reworks from various artists, including a remix by progressive house duo Third Party.

The first track off Balance (Remixes, Pt. 4), released Friday, is Third Party’s remix of ‘All Comes Down’ featuring Cimo Fränkel, who sang Armin’s hit ‘Strong Ones’ from Embrace. The original song accents piano and uplifting trance. In the remix, the British duo strips out those sounds and blend Fränkel’s vocals seamlessly into a rhythmic progressive house drop. The remix feels more cohesive and easier to dance to in a live set. 

Armin previously released an acoustic version of the track. However, Third Party is the first to come out with an official remix of ‘All Comes Down’. From the looks of social media comments, fans seem to strongly approve of the duo’s take. 

Other Remixes

Another track that gets a treatment for the first time is ‘Million Voices.’ It had a distinct sound that reminded us, in a good way, of Otto Knows’ classic ‘Million Voices’. (Still thinking a mashup of them live would be fire!) Estonian producer Madison Mars takes the song in another direction, replacing Armin’s big room trance drop with a groovier house beat.

Finally, Armin’s pop-sounding ‘Waking Up With You’ gets remixed by Jamis, who has released songs on Armada Music. Jamis ups the tempo on the track and the drop fits with the description of his own music according to his biography: “a thunderbolt, a blend of Tribal, Edm with Moonbathon contaminants.”

Armin has been releasing remixes of his seventh studio album every couple of weeks. Be on the lookout for more installments, but in the meantime, listen to part four on Spotify below.